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The Mistakes That Many Web Designers in Los Angeles Make

Your average Web designers in Los Angeles are human, which means they are prone to making mistakes both human and technical. Whether you are a designer or somebody hiring a website design company, consider the mistakes in this article and keep on the lookout for them.


Calls to Action by Web Designers Los Angeles

This is probably the most controversial point on this article since many people think they are supposed to have big colorful accented buttons with calls to action, but the fact is that calls-to-action have no provable effect on your users.

The sad part is that modern website and search engine analytics show that calls to action really work, but they do not when in action. People do not need badgering into buying or subscribing. People tolerate these like they tolerate mosquitoes in summer. They are an annoyance that people have learned to live with, but the fact is that nobody needs or wants a website telling them to do something that they were going to do anyway.


No Clear Method of Buying

If you are taking the advice from the first tip and removing all the “You must buy Now” calls to action (or any sort of similarly bland pointless call to action), then you still need to give people a clear direction on how to buy. Luckily, websites like Amazon and grocery shopping websites have made the buying button and shopping cart a fairly intuitive thing. People figure that they can press a button to buy one or more, and then visit the cart to buy their items. This is the most commonly used eCommerce method of allowing people to buy, but your website may work differently. Give people a clear and simply way to convert, subscribe or buy.


Any Types of Pop-up or Sticky Bar

These are another online gimmick that has stuck around for way too long because the analytics seem to support them, but the truth is that websites without them will always do better. There is a reason why the most successful blue-chip companies do then fill their pages with sticky bars and pop-ups, it is because they are annoying and they do not enhance the user experience. However, analytic programs make them appear to improve user engagement, so website designers keep putting them into websites. It is not that the numbers lie, is that the analytic numbers are out of context for all but the most seasoned analysts (the types that blue-chip companies hire).


Sticking Too Close to Recommended Layout Settings

This gets really silly in some cases, from designers that lower the sizes of all their images because they will not break the guidance rules on margins, to the websites that only allow a certain number of words per sentence because they are afraid of having sentences that appear too long. The closer you stick to the rules, the more clinical and sterile you make your website. Put the user first. Put the user experience first and making the right choices will be easy.


Low Contrast Fonts

You may think this is a rookie mistake, but it is actually one that is born from people working on the same pages for too long. They start to become blind to things like low-contrast fonts. In some cases, they have to have other people take screenshots of their web pages, and then show them their web pages on another device so that they can get a fresh look at how indistinct some of their fonts and lines are on their website. It is a very subtle mistake, but it causes the user to have to work a little harder to read and understand the website. The user only has to work a tiny bit harder to make out the text and fonts, but that little bit of extra effort is undesirable if you want long-term and repeat viewers to your website.

Getting the Project Right

You need a website design company that understands the nuances of modern design, that understands the need for flawless design, top security, and secure execution. That is why you need Websites Design LA to create and maintain your website. Get it right the first time by hiring the right company.

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