Websites Deign LA FAQs

  1. Do You Build WordPress Websites?

    As one of the most powerful content management systems on earth, we do have teams willing to build WordPress websites. We also offer WordPress templates so you can build your own website with a solid foundation.

  2. Do You Manage WordPress Websites?

    If you want a managed WordPress website, then we can build the website, but it is up to your host to install and maintain the WordPress website for you. We can help you install a WordPress website and get you up and running with your host if needed.

  3. Do You Offer Domain Hosting?

    Our team is happy to build your website to whatever standards and requirements you desire. We can then help you find a host and install your website, or we can offer hosting on a yearly basis.

  4. How Do I Add Content To The Website?

    These days, people use content management systems (CMS) to add content to their website. It allows the account and password holder to change their website in a variety of different ways without having to tamper with the coding or design of the website.

  5. Do You Update The Website?

    In most cases, it is up to you to update your website. For example, if a new version or Shopify or WordPress comes out, you will be responsible for updating your website and any of its plugins or extensions. This is not always the case. For example, a managed WordPress hosting package will often involve automatic website updates. We offer maintenance packages with our hosting plans.

  6. Is Web Design Same as Web Development?

    Our web design team will build a brand new website or completely overhaul your current website to change how it operates. Our web development team will help improve your website, by adding new functions, removing unnecessary items, and improving your website’s efficiency, security and SEO.

  7. Do You Use Bots For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    We tailor your website to ensure it is technically proficient and suitable for the search engines to read, rate and rank your website. We also help you avoid some of the more common back-end website mistakes that hinder a website’s rise through the search engine rankings.

  8. Can You Guarantee I Reach The Top Spot on Google?

    Our SEO efforts ensure your website is primed and ready to interact with the search engines. However, to really ride up the search engine results, you will need a strong on-page and off-page marketing campaign. Typically, rising through the rankings takes months or even years of hard work.

  9. Do You Use Templates For Graphic Design?

    We only use technical templates for graphic design. They may consist of certain page sizes and margin sizes, or may even contain hard coding for dynamic and responsive websites.

  10. Who Owns the Copyright To Your Graphic Design?

    If you set our team to work on a piece of graphic design, then once the work is completed and payment is made, then the copyright belongs to you. In some cases, we retain the copyright. For example, if you buy one of our WordPress templates, we may not give you permission to re-sell that template. Though, you will be able to sell your website containing the template.

  11. Can I Add Affiliate Advertising To My Website?

    Once your website is built and ordered, then the website is yours and you may add whatever you wish to your website. Our websites are not locked in any way, which means you can add things like Google AdSense to your website and monetize it how you wish.

  12. Are Your Websites Secure?

    We add in every protocol and safety measure we can to make sure your website remains as safe as possible. As for further security, the rest is up to you. It is a little like buying a car. It comes with locks and an alarm, but it is up to you to add a steering lock, immobilizer and car tracker.

  13. Do You Offer Branding Services?

    Our team is able to execute branding services but the decisions and development needs to come from you. For example, if you want certain logos on your website, or you want certain pop-ups, or certain sounds on your website, then our team will happily add them.