Web Design in Los Angeles

How Web Design in Los Angeles Has Changed

The likes of WordPress looked like the final nail in the coffin of web designers back in the days when it was surging to success. Little did people know that WordPress is the reason why the web design industry is so massive today. Instead of scaring people away from web designers, WordPress introduced hundreds of thousands of people to the idea of having their own websites. Over just a few years, literally, millions of people around the world had their own websites, and when they wanted to expand, evolve or grow, they went to web designers to do it. That is just one way how web design in Los Angeles has changed. Here are a few more ways things have changed.

Coding Responsive Websites Isn’t As Difficult Anymore

There is no such thing as a mobile and a desktop website. These days it is all responsive, which has halved the work of web designers. It has also made it easier for people working on their cross-platform marketing and their SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search Engine Marketing Has Gotten Easier

Web designers can make more search engine-friendly websites, especially since there are far fewer rules to having a search engine-friendly website these days. The short version is that a website should be well built, should be easy-to-use, and should do its job well. Those are pretty loose parameters for web designers to work with.

Web Security is Far More Advanced

This is a good and a bad thing. It means that designers can install some pretty powerful security protections, and it means they know the best security procedures to work with. However, it also means they need to be a little more knowledgeable in order to function in today’s online environment.

There is More Variety

At one time, designers were creating regular websites, eCommerce websites, and a variety of social media websites. These days, designers are working on all of those things, and websites that tie in with apps. Websites that host just music, video, or artwork. There are websites that have tools embedded, and websites that offer live feeds from all around the world. Websites are a lot more advanced and a lot more varied than they used to be.

Teams Can Work on Websites Remotely

It isn’t just a small team working from a single office. These days, people can collaborate from across the world, and they can all connect through Cloud computing and remote-worker platforms. In most cases, this means that design and development jobs can be done more quickly, but it also means you get a more varied and talented team working on your website.

Good Web Designers Build Stronger Websites

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