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Is the Best Web design in Los Angeles Done with WordPress?

WordPress is certainly a very powerful tool, but the fact is that web designers will almost always beat a website design tool. This is because a web designer is only limited by technology and his or her imagination. Whereas people using WordPress are limited by WordPress and its many plugins. The best web design in Los Angeles can do the same things as the best WordPress developers, but a web designer can do it more efficiently.

The Best vs. The Best

Regular users of WordPress are limited by what WordPress can do and which plugins they can find. Regular web designers are limited by the technology of our time and their own talent. With all that considered, WordPress users and web designers are pretty evenly matched. 

One could also say that whatever a web designer can do, a WordPress developer can do. For example, if you want dynamic forms in your website, then you can have a web designer create them for you, or you can have a WordPress plugin developer make them for you.

What if you pitted the very best WordPress developer against the very best website designer? Who would win? 

The web designer would win. This is because no matter what the WordPress developer does, he or she still has to work within the boundaries of WordPress and its plugins system. In order to create something as streamlined or efficient as a designed website, the WordPress developer would have to write WordPress out of the situation completely. No good WordPress developer is going to write WordPress out of the equation, especially since the user is going to want to use WordPress to update the website in the future.

What About Making Good Websites?

Let’s be honest, if it were not for WordPress, then web designers wouldn’t be as successful. WordPress was the starting point that allowed millions of people to create their own websites. WordPress created the industry that web designers are now drawing money from. If you use WordPress, you can make fantastic websites. Added to this, if you hire a low-quality or even an average quality web designer, they are going to struggle to beat a well-made WordPress website. In short, WordPress can be used to create brilliant websites. 

Why Bother Hiring a Web Designer?

There are two reasons. The first is that you don’t want to make your own website (with WordPress, Shopify, Blogger, etc.), so you hire a web designer to do it for you. The second reason to hire a web designer is if you want something that is better than good. 

You can create a “Good” website with WordPress. If you want something better, then you will need a web designer. If you want something unique, or you want tools that are not pre-made through WordPress plugins, then you are going to need a web designer. 

If you need help creating your website, or you want something a little more special and unique, then you can get the best web design in Los Angeles from Websites Design LA. Make contact today and find out how easy it is to have a custom-made website that is efficient, well made, and very secure.