Things Your Visitors Hate About Your Website

Things Your Visitors Hate About Your Website

There’s something about your site that makes your visitors hate it causing them to leave immediately.

But what do you think are those things that make your visitors leave without having to browse your entire website?

Do you have a multimedia content that automatically loads?

Think about browsing a website. All of a sudden, a mysterious noise comes out.

Annoying, isn’t it?

If you have that on your website, too, then you better remove it as the majority of your visitors don’t like it, even if it plays your favourite song.

It might seem like a very nice idea, but it can be frustrating to most of your visitors. They’d leave, rather than engage.

If you really need a multimedia content, you need to silent it and allow your audience to turn the sound on whenever they wish to.

Does it have a “Contact Us” form that’s sketchy?

If it does, then better remove it. You may think that it will help you generate an opt-in email but it won’t.

It’s actually considered a least valuable form of lead generation.

Now, if you really want to include contact us form, you must include your telephone number, email address, the physical address of your business and other things that will make your site and business look legitimate.

In this way, you won’t look shady.

Things Your Visitors Hate About Your Website

Does your site have forced social logins?

It’s one of the reasons your visitors leave your site immediately. They don’t want to be asked if they wish to be connected with your business’ Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Some of them don’t like to see who they’re connected with on a particular social media account.

But it’s also a mistake if you don’t include social buttons on your website. Most of your visitors would like to know whether or not you have a social profile.

Having a social media platform is one of the ideal ways to establish trust and credibility with your target customers.

How about chat pop-ups?

You may have good intentions here, but not all visitors like to see an automatic pop-up.

Chat pop-ups are like salespeople who approach you the minute you walk into a store. If you don’t like it, then you should not implement a pop-up chat box on your own website.

However, you may include a pop-up chat box on your site, but it must load at least 15 seconds after your visitor arrives on your site.

Do you wish to know the other things that your visitors may hate about your website? Let our web designers help you out.