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The team at Websites Design LA has been working in the web design business for years. They have the skills, qualifications, and expertise to create modern, sophisticated, and dynamic websites. If you are trying to go it alone and do it yourself, then here are a few tips direct from the Websites Design LA office.

Beware of Free Templates and Themes

Be the template one you found online for you to build your website around, or be it a theme you found in WordPress, you need to be cautious. They may work well as short-term solutions, but over the long term, you are going to have to make your website more streamlined and better optimized, which often means starting from a foundation point. It is far better if you have a strong foundation to start with and then grow and evolve your website from that point. 

Keep it as Simple as Possible

This cannot be overstated. You need to keep your website very simple both in front-end design and back-end coding. Keeping things simple in terms of design is always preferable because the more you add then the more niche you make your website and the more people you scare away. On the back end, the more you add to your website, then the more mistakes you may make and the harder it is to scale things up at a later date.

Start as Small as Possible

This is another point that cannot be overstated. You need to keep your website as small as possible if you are doing it yourself. Don’t even add things like an “About Us” page unless it is 100% necessary. A small website is easier to manage, it has fewer opportunities for mistakes, and it allows you to grow and evolve your website naturally. You can add things only when they are needed, and you can do it with relative ease because you didn’t bog down your website with needless complexity or size.

Branding Can Be Subtle

Some people think they need to slather their website with branding logos and colors. Yet this is not the case at all. Branding is more about educating people on what your website is all about. It is about setting expectations. If you smear your logos and colors all over the website, then all you are educating people about is how much you value branding over a good customer experience. Your user experience is very important, and frankly, if you keep to the tips listed in this article then the user experience should be fairly good by default. 

Get Somebody to Help You

It may sound like self-serving advice to have Websites Design LA tell you that you need Websites Design LA to help you create, maintain and develop your website, but the facts are the facts. You can work in your own car but you probably shouldn’t. You can conduct your own medical procedures, but you probably shouldn’t. Get somebody to help you like the team at Websites Design LA and help eliminate the sorts of problems that will weigh you down in future years.