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Websites Design LA – Website Planning Advice

You are looking to have a website built, and you are eager to get started. You probably want to hear what the designer has to say, but it is always best to enter the web design negotiation with a bit of a plan. Plus, if you want to run a successful website, it should be planned from the very beginning. Here are a few ideas from the team at Websites Design LA to help you plan your website a little better. 

Always Start Small

The thing about websites is that they evolve over time. Starting with a very basic, but perfectly working, website is often the very best way to start a website. It is also the cheapest way to start a website, which is another good point because many websites fail. Most websites are not renewed after the second year, so it isn’t a good idea to spend lots of money right at the start.

Don’t Focus on SEO

Modern SEO is all about which websites are the most popular. It is about how users interact with your website. If you want the best possible SEO, then make your website as usable and user-friendly as possible. If your website is a good one, then Google will know how people interact with your website, so concentrate on usability and a good user experience above things like where keywords should be added.

Consider The Three-Click Rule

Ignore the people who say the three-click rule doesn’t apply to modern websites. It applies more than ever. It is only on websites like YouTube and Facebook where the three-click rule doesn’t apply. For those who are unaware, it should take three clicks of the user’s mouse (or tapping finger) to get from where they are to where they want to be. In other words, you should plan to make your website easier to navigate and try to ensure people have a clear view of where they want to go.

Forget Calls to Action

Even if calls to action worked, of which there is no genuine statistical proof that they do, then keep in mind that they are a late-stage entry into your website. Even your landing pages shouldn’t push for a hard sell because you have no idea yet how people will interact with your website. You may add in some very heavy promotional content onto what you think are your landing pages, only to find that most people land on one of your product review pages, or onto one of your inventory descriptions pages. 

Don’t Worry Too Much About Content

Even if you are running an eCommerce website, know that it takes a long time to populate a website. Those who rush in the beginning are setting themselves up for more work than is required. Add content long after the website has been designed and is up and running.

Pick a Good Design Company

It doesn’t matter how good your plan is if your designers are not up to the task. The team at Websites Design LA has years of experience and an amazing track record. If you are looking to have a website newly designed, or a website developed, then contact Websites Design LA and get a quote.