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How Are Companies Like Websites Design LA Still Growing in a WordPress/Shopify Dominated Marketplace?

How Are Companies Like Websites Design LA Still Growing?

For the longest time, people thought that content management systems like WordPress would cast the end of website design companies. Yet, for some reason, companies like Websites Design LA are doing better than ever. This article examines a few of the reasons why top-quality web design services are doing so well.

How Are Companies Like Websites Design LA Still Growing?

Driving More People Online

Back in the old days, you either built your own website using HTML, which wasn’t as difficult as it seems, but the learning resources were not there for people in the way they are today. Or, you used a web design service, which cost a lot of money and was typically conducted by University/college degree holders.

When services like WordPress came along, and it was followed by a string of copycats, people thought this would be the end of web designers. However, it had the opposite effect. WordPress made it blindly easy for people to have their own websites. Even people with no technical knowledge whatsoever could build and have their own website.

This leads to two very profitable outcomes. The first was that many more people had successful websites, and so sought out designers to create fresh websites and fresh designs. The second outcome was that people wanted their WordPress websites customised, so they hired web designers.

WordPress is Easy

It is easy to customize, but there is also space for professional web designers to dig into the code and make substantial changes. Designers can create templates, plugins and website decorations. WordPress opened up more opportunities than ever before.

Plus, see how the car wash still works as a business idea.. This is the notion that if people wash their own cars, then a hand car wash service is destined to be unprofitable. Whereas in reality, even when people can do it on their own, they will still hire people. Customers are still hiring web designers to create new websites, and customers are still hiring web designers to customize their WordPress websites for them. Just like how hand-car washes are still profitable, so are web designers.                                                       

Shopify Opened Up More Opportunities

When Shopify opened up, people thought it would put WordPress and web designers out of business, but yet again it had the opposite effect. More and more people started their own eCommerce websites, and more and more of them became successful to the point where they started hiring web designers to fix up their websites and build new websites. People who created moderately successful Shopify websites were suddenly crying out for their own WordPress websites too. As a result, web designers were rolling in new customers and fresh profits.

The great thing about Shopify is that it puts making money at the centre of the stage. As a result, the people who approach designers will typically have enough money to pay for a full revamp, a new website, or a customization or alteration of their original Shopify website. Far from taking money out of designer’s pockets, Shopify has helped to make web designers more profitable than ever.

Hire a Strong Team

Here, our team in Websites Design LA are experts at raw web design, experts at the entire WordPress platform, and are experts at Shopify customization and marketing. If you are looking for a good designer, then check out our range of design, customization and marketing services. Contact us today.