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The Hardest Part About Shopping For Web Designers in Los Angeles

If you are looking for web designers in Los Angeles, you are probably hitting up the same problems as most people. There is the expense, there is the quality of their work, there is their schedule, and there is the fact you cannot believe online reviews, which makes it difficult to judge a design service from an outside perspective. Of all of that, what is the hardest part about shopping for web designers in LA? The hardest part is the fact you cannot confirm much of anything without actually spending money. 

Why Spending Money?

You cannot tell if a web design company is good at its job without hiring them, spending the money, and finding out firsthand. This is because it is very difficult to verify if a company is real, good and not a scam. Here are just a few of the hurdles you have to jump when looking for a “Good” web designer. 

Are They On Google’s Results?

Consider a scenario where you find five web designers that look great. They are on Google, and they are on the first page, so things are looking good, but then doubts start to creep in.

Even though they are on the first page of Google’s results, Google now curates its results on a person-by-person basis. This means that previous searches and your general location dictate more about the list than the validity of the services being displayed.

Are They Real?

Let’s say you stick with your five designers because they each have a good-looking website, and everything looks/reads nice and professional. They may be a real company with offices, or the website may be something a kid made in their bedroom.

Templates are amazing these days, so it is difficult to judge a website based on its build quality. Things like addresses, phone numbers, business numbers, and email addresses can be faked or proxied or paid for, so it is very difficult figuring out which is real and which is a front for a different company or is the work of a single underqualified freelancer.

What About Reviews?

In this day and age, it is very easy to sign up for several review websites and leave positive reviews for your company. In fact, you can have your friends and family sign up for the same review websites and all leave positive reviews.

That’s right, you cannot trust reviews! Added to this, you may not be able to trust your Facebook friends either. Too many times, people ask for a good web designer, and their friends on Facebook go to Google, collect a few company names, and then offer them up as suggestions.

Finding a Good Company is Difficult

As proven above, it is difficult to find good web designers in Los Angeles that is on Google, is a real company with offices and are well-reviewed and trusted. You will need to try out a few services to find out which are the best and which are not worth your time. Instead of running off and throwing money at a variety of different services, you should try out Websites Design LA first. They have a long and well-established reputation for fair dealing and hitting their project deadlines. Give them a try; it may save you a lot of shopping-around hassle.