Web design in Los Angeles

The Skills You Need to Succeed in Web Design in Los Angeles

You may be a little tired of trying to use content management systems like WordPress. You may want to make your own website rather than hiring somebody. In truth, hiring a service to undertake Web design in Los Angeles is probably the best thing you can do if you want a good (and secure!!!) website. Nevertheless, if you are considering making your own website first, then here are a few skills you will need.


The Technical Skills

Let’s not beat around the bush, there are several skills you need that will make you a good website designer, but your starting skills are all technical. They include skills in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Think of it as a person learning to be a champion off-road car racer. That person still needs to learn how to drive and how the car functions because any notions of spatial awareness, reflexes and peripheral vision come into play as part of his/her skill set.

You are going to have to learn HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Start with HTML because it is the easiest to start with. You can create a web page with something as simple as your notepad on your computer. Learn the basics, and then move onto CSS, which isn’t a millions miles away from the HTML programming language. There are big differences between HTML and CSS, but learning HTML makes CSS more accessible, and CSS compliments HTML, as you will discover when you use both to create better websites.

Finally, JavaScript is difficult, especially for people with no programming experience. Learning HTML and CSS does put you in a better position to learn JavaScript, but there is still quite a difficultly curve that you will have to surmount. Learning a new programming language is similar to learning a new spoken language. You are going to see things you recognize, but for the most part, learning HTML and learning JavaScript, is like learning French and learning Japanese. There is not a lot of similarity for you to grab onto.


Graphic Design User Interface Instincts

This is a tricky one to explain when trying to demonstrate the skills people need to become good web designers. Being good at graphic design is good, but there is a certain instinct you need when creating a user interface with your graphic design skills.

This instinct comes from years of using user interfaces yourself. You know what bothers you, you know where you want buttons, and you know what feels and looks right. Think of how you create the front cover of a book, and how a slight change in the font size of one word can make the difference between your book cover looking professional or unprofessionally designed.


Digital Marketing Skills

Like with most jobs in this industry, you will need fairly good communication skills, fairly good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills, and fairly good digital marketing skills. You need to be able to sell yourself and your work in a very efficient manner. You need to get your point across quickly and with confidence. The sad fact is that many good website designers have the Van Gogh problem where they are creating fantastic stuff, but they are so terrible at selling themselves, their skills, and their work, that they end up being ignored by the online community. The same is true of many jobs of a creative nature in that you need to learn how to sell yourself and your skills if you ever want to make a living in the website design industry.


Professional Services for Web Design in Los Angeles are Hard to Find

Let’s face it, these days, every freelancer or person with a WordPress website figures themselves as a website designer. The sad part is that web masters and people who actually want professionally-made websites are losing out because they are having to wade through hundreds and hundreds of website designers to find the right one. If you are struggling to find a legitimately good website design company, then look no further than Websites Design LA. They have a skills, technical knowledge, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) prowess to turn any project into a successfully and expertly crafted website.